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~ Monday, October 1 ~


what kind of terms do feminists use for degradation play
what words do genderqueer doms and subs use to refer to themselves
why is bdsm so gendered ahughhhhh 

  1. All sorts of things, I like some pretty classic ones “Slut” “Whore” and so on, it’s cathartic for me, because I was hurt by them and have reclaimed by them.  You can also say, things like, stupid, worthless, or “you have no fucking self control do you” or dirty, pathetic, etc.
  2. Whatever they like, slave is pretty gender neutral.  For dominants, “Magister” or “your highness” “Doctor” “Your grace” “Reverend” “Deity”  or terms that are traditionally gendered but you like them anyway, or mixes of gendered terms “Mastress”
  3. Because people suck
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~ Wednesday, September 19 ~

Idea Of The Day: Cone Of Shame

Acquire an “Elizabethian Collar” (A term for the cones you put on pets after surgery, in a size appropriate to your sub, makes them wear it when they’ve been naughty.

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~ Friday, September 14 ~

Anonymous said: i like to know if you like to have a sissy male maid and sex slave to be tie up and gag and blindfold to and rent me out to

I don’t have sex slaves, and I am not a pimp.

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~ Monday, September 10 ~

Fun Idea Of The Day: Hoarder No More

If your sub (like me) tends to hoard clothes, or merely refuses to get rid of clothes as needed, here’s an idea.  I had my dom/me help me sort out my wardrobe, getting rid of pieces they don’t like, it made it sexy so I didn’t mind collecting pieces to donate to charity at all.  Yay for more space.

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~ Thursday, August 30 ~


[Trigger warning: images discuss how to be safe and avoid about in the BDSM community]




As a person with limited experience in RL BDSM experiences, I think these a extremely important. It is all about negotiation, safety and trust.



10 Golden Rules for BDSM Negotiations

Yes #6!! I always say that my position as a Dominant is earned anyways. 

Rule 6 and 8. You can be a “real sub” and still fully voice your opinions in negotiations. Be wary of anyone who says otherwise.

Some advice/knowledge about these things feels somewhat related to this blog.

Abuse does happen in the kink scene… but it’s a bad thing and something we TRY not to allow in the community

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~ Tuesday, August 28 ~
My hat is fierce

My hat is fierce

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~ Saturday, August 25 ~

Idea Du Jour: A TIGHT Schedule

For corset training and domestic service, corset your sub, tell them that the corset can come off after the chores are done, they can devote time to other things, but the corset stays on until they’re done.

For a meaner version, the corset can be tightened a bit for every hour the chores aren’t done

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~ Thursday, July 26 ~

xtild said: I wanted to add a comment to your forced fem discussion. As a trans women, I used to engage in some of this play before i really came out to myself as trans. For me it was a safe way to explore the things i actually desired without all of the internalized misogyny and transphobia in the way. It was safe because I didnt want to do it. Somebody else was "making me." You already said this in your post, but i thought I would lend my voice of support and as evidence.

THank you, I’ve heard this time and again.  So to anyone who thinks that forced feminization is bad, fuck y’all

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~ Wednesday, June 13 ~
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~ Thursday, May 31 ~
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